earth day

Well its earth day, start of the sign Taurus. well two days into taurus anyway, close enough.

Funny thing about earth day, is that its not really about saving the earth in my oppinion. It's about making a commitment to make the world nicer for yourself and the people that you care about. http://www.earthday.net
While were on the earth friendly topic, heres a way to treat yourself and that special someone (or just yourself you dont have a special someone) to a solar cooked meal sometime http://solarcooking.org/

I found this ( http://inhabitat.com/blog/?p=780#more-780 ) today and thought that it was pretty cool, as I've actualy thought quite a bit about this for a number of things like habitat for humanity etc. rather than letting these old planes rust and rot in plane graveyards why not convert them into housing?


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