chernobyl wildlife!

"It contains some of the most contaminated land in the world, yet it has become a haven for wildlife - a nature reserve in all but name. "

This is awesome, even in pure disaster life springs up again, proving that life cannot be stopped. When our species is gone, if we leave this planet or die out, im certain that as long as this world is even remotely habitable that life will be here or anywhere that life deems is "habitable"

been reading about biodiesel quite a bit lately as well, for gearheads like me that want a turbo and all that good stuff, it may be a viable option to be nicer to our environment and still have gofast car. :P i might be looking to trade in my honda for a vw turbo deisel but i have got to do some more research before i commit to that one. Some points of intrest for making biodiesel: http://www.biodieselgear.com/documentation/ http://journeytoforever.org/biodiesel_make.html


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