corn, ethanol, biodiesel, plant oil, and wind!

Senator Edward M. Kennedy is currently trying to block a proposed Cape Cod wind energy project.... i really dont even know what to say to this... it just floors me, read more here.

Now here's someone thats doing something good for all of us. this is pretty cool stuff, getting rid of waste as well as stopping their own dependance on fossil fuels! now if every pizza place did this!
If your interested in how they did this and how to do it yourself if you have a diesel engine in your vehicle here's a few links for you to check out. http://www.greasel.com/ , http://www.greasecar.com/index.cfm
just a word on biofuels. I feel that these are the most viable alternatives to fosil fules. They are a rewable resource something that fosil fuels like oil and coal are not, they also polute less and are free or very low cost, if you happen to be slightly enterprising.
Now moving on to ethanol, the other alternative combustable fuel! theres been several stories about it ive been finding recently. everyone knows ethanol. you know, the 89 octane gas with the corncob on it? if you didnt, you do now. In my honda currently im alternating between 91-93 octane premium and 89 octane ethanol in half tank intervals, so far it seems quite good for mileage and preformance/price ratio, considering that gasoline is $2.70 - 3.14 a gallon...
usnews.com ethanol story
popularmechanics.com ethanol story


earth day

Well its earth day, start of the sign Taurus. well two days into taurus anyway, close enough.

Funny thing about earth day, is that its not really about saving the earth in my oppinion. It's about making a commitment to make the world nicer for yourself and the people that you care about. http://www.earthday.net
While were on the earth friendly topic, heres a way to treat yourself and that special someone (or just yourself you dont have a special someone) to a solar cooked meal sometime http://solarcooking.org/

I found this ( http://inhabitat.com/blog/?p=780#more-780 ) today and thought that it was pretty cool, as I've actualy thought quite a bit about this for a number of things like habitat for humanity etc. rather than letting these old planes rust and rot in plane graveyards why not convert them into housing?


chernobyl wildlife!

"It contains some of the most contaminated land in the world, yet it has become a haven for wildlife - a nature reserve in all but name. "

This is awesome, even in pure disaster life springs up again, proving that life cannot be stopped. When our species is gone, if we leave this planet or die out, im certain that as long as this world is even remotely habitable that life will be here or anywhere that life deems is "habitable"

been reading about biodiesel quite a bit lately as well, for gearheads like me that want a turbo and all that good stuff, it may be a viable option to be nicer to our environment and still have gofast car. :P i might be looking to trade in my honda for a vw turbo deisel but i have got to do some more research before i commit to that one. Some points of intrest for making biodiesel: http://www.biodieselgear.com/documentation/ http://journeytoforever.org/biodiesel_make.html


good going texas! you fail it!

you'd think they would have more of the following to prevent this kind of thing every year:

1.) grid tied customer produced buyback solar and wind power
2.) power co. owned wind power generation facillities.
3.) power co. owned solar power generation facillities, i mean common its only texas.... yah know close to the equator, A.K.A. most solar power generating capability in the United states besides Las Vegas... HELLO!

Good Going Texas!
Seriously whos in charge here... oh yeah thats right ...

if your interested in your own solar/wind/hydro power one place that im aware of that sells the equipment necessary is http://shop.altenergystore.com/index.htm