Rant: N.A.S.A. needs to get off their rears and launch again. What needs to happen is a piggyback launch scenario like scaled composites uses with spaceship one. I'm sure the shuttle could handle this. however it would have to be launched via some crazyness like a custom launch vehicle based on a 747 or a c5 galaxy.
I know if we had a commercial space facility on the moon and or mars that im not the only one who would go work in a communications center there to start a new life.

i find that im most interested in space lately, the position, the energy. the idea of space travel fascinates me, ever since i saw space camp as a kid. seeing things that we only see on the back of our eyelids. I bring you space links to follow to fufill your night time visions of alien worlds. may you not have nightmares.

http://www.space.com/spacenews/spacedirectory.html *it seems that most of the education links have been changed due to uni's changing their sitemaps. There is an easy remedy for this issue, just go to the uni's main page, and then go to the Areospace Engineering area. A few sites i didnt find in this links page were Transformational Space Corporation, LLC http://www.transformspace.com/ and who could forget Scaled Composites, LLC. http://www.scaled.com/ home of Spaceship One.

Over time I've also been looking for daily space news links heres a few that I've found interesting.
http://www.spaceref.com/, http://space.physorg.com/, along with the obligitory http://www.space.com/ and http://www.space.com/spacenews/. Now occasionaly you can find some interesting space related news/info on Slashdot in this category http://science.slashdot.org/search.pl?tid=160.


blah boring old first post just like every other blog

woo first post on the new blog , gonna migrate from ds to here for my blogging .. just felt like posting rants somewhere in the public domain for the moment :P